UTC Ice’s Golden West Adult Hockey League has established itself as the premier adult, non-check league in San Diego County. We have 2 seasons that run throughout the year and offer 5 divisions for different levels of play from novice to advance.

Levels of Play

Division 5: Copper – This division consists of novice/intermediate level players. The players are beginners with 0-2 years of experience with intermediate level players that have 2-5 years of experience or players who are getting older and don’t have the same ability as they had when they were younger. Lots of new players enter as first timers. All teams will have a coach/mentor so they can learn the game and positional team play.

Division 4: Bronze – Intermediate level players mixed with some advanced players very similar to the silver division but with fewer high level players. This division has players with experience of a minimum 3-5 years. Players who know some of the basic have played in this league for a few years or seasons.

Division 3: Silver – A mix of intermediate and advanced very skilled players that have played for about 5-10 years. Most players have experience playing various kinds of organized hockey.

Division 2: Gold – Advanced players with 10+ years of experience plus a strong youth background of high level hockey as a child continue to improve and eventually play in our highest division.

Division 1: Platinum – Our most advanced division which features players who have played a professional (NHL, WCHA, East Coast League, European etc.), Collegiate, Olympic, or high USA Hockey adult level. All goalies are top notch. Players in this league, for the most part, started as children and possess at least 15+ years of experience.

Reasons to Choose the Golden West League

  • 2 Seasons
  • 5 Divisions (Novice to Advanced)
  • 34 Teams
  • Lowest Penalty Minutes in San Diego
  • Rsportz Software
  • Playoff Championships
  • Towel Service
  • New Showers and New Locker Rooms
  • Music played during stoppage and warm-ups
  • 1:15 timeslot for regular season games

Directions to the Rink:

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